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After a few dark years for all due to the pandemic, we are happy to shout with a loud voice that summer is here so we want to give you ideas to prepare your visit to La Garrotxa.

First of all we can say that we can do many activities, but one above all is to enjoy the wonderful natural landscapes that La Garrotxa offers us, its forests, volcanoes or small villages, we will enjoy nature and get rid of all the bad things that usually accompanies us.

There is no better perspective to visualize the beauty of La Garrotxa, to see it from the air so there is the possibility of a balloon ride to see from the air the different volcanoes in the area.

Another activity that we must do, is a route through the Fageda d`en Jordà, and go into the forest. There is the possibility of making a visit of about two hours with a guide and thus know in detail all its essence. 

On the other hand, along the transverse mountain range we find the peak of Puigsacalm where we can enjoy a sunset overlooking Montserrat and Pedraforca. This activity along with others such as trekking through the corners of the Vall d`en Bas can also be hired with a guide.

From a more cultural point of view, in the Vall de Bianya, we can visit small chapels and Romanesque churches. Combining this type of activity with an outdoor picnic with local products of the area will make us spend an unforgettable day.

The clear skies of La Garrotxa will allow us to enjoy activities related to astronomy. From the Hermitage of Sant Andreu de Guitarriu we will see how an astronomical field is organized and we will see and study the constellations with high-end telescopes.

In Can Buch we are experts in the area so we can advise you on different activities to do in La Garrotxa during your stay.



We cannot look the other way! Today we live in an unprecedented climate crisis and we have to adapt to new ways of life and remedy this problem that affects us all.

In Can Buch since its foundation, we have been very aware of these changes in our lives and we wanted to raise and adapt our business to this new way of living: more ecological and careful with our environment.

We believe that we can make our way of practicing tourism compatible with the climatic reality that we live in today by making available to our customers the possibility of practicing tourism in a responsible way.

We have mentioned it before in other articles, but we believe that we should emphasize it because of its importance.

In the philosophy section of our website you will find details of the fundamental aspects on which our way of doing things from a sustainable point of view is based:

- Energy sovereignty: we can say that Can Buch is totally self-sufficient and we say this with great pride and satisfaction. Thanks to the 36 solar panels we have, we generate 100% of the energy we need. 

On the other hand, the water comes from the rain that through a natural filtering system with sand and gravel is accumulated in a subway tank for later consumption.

To heat the water we use firewood from the forest that we collect ourselves, all under a forestry plan to manage the resources that nature gives us. And finally the efficiency in the management of wastewater that is conducted through drains and treated in a treatment plant that filters it in a natural way.

- Food sovereignty: under the premise of reduce, recycle and reuse we seek at all times self-sufficiency through good practices to carry out a sustainable agricultural production. Concepts such as recycling, waste management optimization or composting are fundamental to carry out this food self-sufficiency.

We invite you to enter the section and see more in depth everything we do to make our life compatible with the times we live in.

Here is the link:



La Garrotxa is one of the most charming areas of our geography so there are many couples, families or friends who decide to spend a few days in this region and enjoy all the activities that can be done in it.

We are going to detail some of them, but keep in mind that there are many corners of La Garrotxa to visit, so we recommend you to get lost without a specific destination and discover all its charms.

Within its territory we can find villages of great interest, they are usually small and each of them has its own personality, some of them are Castellfollit de la Roca, Besalú, Santa Pau, Sant Joan les Fonts, Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Joanetes, Hostalets d`en Bas, Beget and others that, although not mentioned in this list are very worthy of being visited.

As for the activities in La Garrotxa we highlight a walk through the Fageda d`en Jordà; you can say that it is the typical activity, but it is indescribable the feeling you get when you go into this beech forest.

La Garrotxa as volcanic land that is, offers a wide range of activities to do around their volcanoes. Here we leave you the most representative: Santa Margarita volcano, El Croscat or Montsacopa volcano. Anyway, to give you an idea of its dimension we can find up to 40 volcanic cones.

Although it does not belong to La Garrotxa but due to its proximity we recommend a trip to the lake of Banyoles and visualize its natural beauty, it is also the largest in Catalonia.

La Garrotxa is an ideal area for activities such as hiking, cycling, or balloon rides among many others so before you go it is advisable to see the countless things to do.

And of course, although it is not an activity itself, it is worth discovering the local cuisine of the place with typical Catalan restaurants with a variety of delicious dishes.

Do not hesitate, when you make your reservation at Can Buch, we will recommend activities to do so that you spend unforgettable days.



Through this article we propose you to spend New Year's Eve in La Garrotxa, in a first class natural environment to spend unforgettable days with the people you love.

Nowadays, on New Year's Eve, the trend is to go out to dinner with friends at a restaurant or celebrate it in a hotel, so from Can Buch we propose you to spend it with us. Spend a different New Year's Eve, in contact with nature, breathing clean air and tasting a cuisine that will take time to forget it.

For this special night we offer our customers a special signature menu at a price of 65 euros, where you can enjoy a cuisine with local products of the highest quality, all accompanied by a wine pairing to make the dinner a first class experience.

After dinner and after eating the grapes we will continue with our particular party with cotillion and drinks service enlivened with music where it will be very difficult to stay seated in the chair.

It is a special celebration, with your loved ones, in an ideal setting, avoiding copious parties and large crowds, valuing the moment and who we have next to us and sharing moments of infinite happiness.

What is more pleasant than getting up the day after a great night, open the window and see the landscapes of La Garrotxa starting the year with a breakfast with natural products of our year's eve in la garrotxa

In case you are interested in spending New Year's Eve at Can Buch, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible, as you know we have few rooms and the demand we have is very high and more for these dates.

Dinners in La Garrotxa


Last May we started the new activity of Can Buch Sundays, which consists of disconnecting from our day to day life through a relaxed and enjoyable meeting to share with your loved ones and with the rest of the attendees to the event

What do our Can Buch Sundays consist of and what is their objective?

We want that day to be different, a moment to let go and share without simply looking for anything, to feel good in a spectacular and ideal environment to spend a few pleasant hours accompanied by a delicious dinner made with natural products of excellent quality.

It is about enjoying life and the moment, it may seem a very common phrase but it is the pure reality, to be able to escape and enjoy what we have and that in many occasions we refuse to see and value, it is a simple time of our life in a pleasant company.

We have to tell you that all editions of Can Buch Sundays have been a real success, just seeing the faces of the attendees is enough to realize it.

The gastronomic dinners of our Can Buch Sundays are always accompanied by drinks in our chill out space and live music through a tasting of wines and tapas from our chef.

Our main satisfaction is to see those moments of sharing with each other, sharing experiences and experiences of our lives.

Save in your busy schedules those special Sundays from 17.00 to 24.00 hours, but keep in mind that it is necessary to book and the sooner the better since places are limited and seeing the degree of acceptance that we are having better be foresighted. 

To do this visit our Instagram account Canbuchsundays where we will keep you informed at all times about upcoming events.



A getaway to La Garrotxa is one of the best plans that we can carry out, either with family, friends or as a couple. La Garrotxa is located just an hour's drive from Barcelona and half an hour from Girona city, being a volcanic area par excellence.

In La Garrotxa we can find charming villages, here are some of them:

Besalú: it is a medieval village of great interest. It is located just 20 kilometers from Olot and it is worth noting the excellent degree of conservation it has. Of great visibility is the Romanesque bridge, one of the most representative elements of the town.

Inside Besalú we can find countless restaurants, with typical Catalan cuisine and small stores where we can buy handicrafts or souvenirs as souvenirs.

Santa Pau: considered one of the most beautiful villages of La Garrotxa. It is definitely worth a visit and get lost in its streets. Moreover, it is very close to the Fageda d`en Jordà, which is a beautiful beech forest, which if or if you have to visit and see the magic that awakens in it.

Returning to Santa Pau, it is worth visiting its main square, which is reached through the Portal de la Vila Nova. On the other hand, we must highlight the church of Santa Maria and the castle fortress or access to the Portal del Mar and see the spectacular views of the valley of Ser.

Castellfollit de la Roca: this is a small village that is definitely worth a visit, as it is located on an impressive basalt wall. It is highly recommended to see it from the road where we will see the spectacular view of the village at the top.

Inside it, if we go into it, we will reach the old church of Sant Salvador, where we will find a viewpoint with idyllic views.

Olot: this is the capital of La Garrotxa, where we can find a greater commercial activity, being a town with a wide variety of stores. It also has a great cultural heritage.

In this way we encourage you to get lost in La Garrotxa, with its countless volcanoes, visit its charming villages, taste its rich local cuisine and many other activities.

Ecological cuisine in La Garrotxa


In Can Buch we have a very marked personality and from our beginnings we have believed and bet simply for the natural, fleeing from everything that is artificial and that is why today we are going to talk about our organic restaurant in La Garrotxa.

Can Buch's restaurant is born from the philosophy of the house, that is to say, to use the food of our field, without any manipulation and respecting at all times the seasonal food.

Our signature menu offers creative dishes with their own identity that will allow the customer to quickly recognize the quality of the food and always respecting our way of thinking and doing.

For example, our bread is made by ourselves using organic whole wheat flour and sourdough. The beer is also brewed by ourselves using artisan hops and following a totally handmade procedure.

On the other hand, all the jams, sauces and infusions are also made by us.

We are aware that every day there are more and more food intolerances so we have vegan options as well as food suitable for celiacs.

Now we are going to talk about breakfast with our eco gourmet buffet with a wide variety of products. As we have mentioned, in addition to our natural breads we offer excellent local sausages, pasture cheeses, homemade cow and coconut yogurts for vegans, natural juices, cereals, varieties of fruit from our fields and farmers with whom we collaborate as well as a homemade pastry among other products. 

It is a breakfast to start the day in an active way and all from a natural point of view that will make us feel a pleasant sensation to take care of our body.

Regarding lunch and dinner, we continue with the line of offering what is natural, without deviating one iota of our philosophy. Lunch can be enjoyed either by the pool, in the chill out area or in the dining room and costs 14 euros including two courses, drinks and dessert.

On the other hand, our succulent signature dinner with a closed menu of 24 euros with a vegan and an omnivorous option. We also have a combo plate menu for children under 14 years, which will delight the little ones.

As you can see, tasting the cuisine at Can Buch is to enjoy a unique experience in an ecological and natural way.


In this first article of our blog we are going to talk about Can Buch and the eco tourism in La Garrotxa. Our way of seeing life is very different from most people and our greatest satisfaction is to share our way of being and living with all those who want to visit us.

We offer our customers a sustainable space in an incredible natural environment and a total predisposition to make our customers feel at home.

Can Buch is a rural house near Girona with 6 pleasant rooms decorated according to the natural environment as well as a Hamman spa ideal for relaxing and disconnecting from our stressful pace of life we lead. In future articles we will go into more detail about the different facilities of the house and activities to do and practice eco tourism in La Garrotxa.

We also have a restaurant that prepares delicious dishes with seasonal products mostly grown in our organic garden of Can Buch. In this way our signature menu is based on criteria of health, creativity and authenticity. In short, a type of sustainable and environmentally friendly cuisine that has very authentic products such as beer, jams or sautéed vegetables among others made at home.

Come and meet us and also enjoy our natural swimming pool, the vegetable garden with its diversity of vegetables, a chill out area ideal for a beer of the house, a mini tennis court and table tennis without forgetting our beloved animals, which always roam around the outside of the house and bring us even closer to this natural environment.

Here you have a glimpse of who we are and what we can offer you. In the different online reputation portals that are on the market you can see the high degree of satisfaction of our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification you may need.


The city of Girona is a reference at tourist level for its attractions from a cultural and gastronomic point of view and in general for its charms as a city. But it is necessary to take into account that around the city of Girona there are many places with a lot of charm

In this way Can Buch is an ideal place to make a getaway near Girona, since we are just 17 kilometers from the city and is an ideal place to make numerous excursions both by car to explore the charms of the area, and on foot and enjoy the surroundings of the hotel.

We must say that our clients, once they arrive at Can Buch hotel, usually stay at the hotel during their stay, since they find the ideal environment and atmosphere to rest and enjoy a few days of its facilities and gastronomy with its own high quality products.

Can Buch is not a conventional hotel nor does it pretend to be, it is simply as it is, going back to the origins and avoiding everything that is artificial, so that we understand each other, eating a salad in our restaurant is simply that, eating a salad from our garden with all its flavor and properties. 

That is why when you leave your routine and decide to spend a few days with us, you return to nature and learn to value everything that nature has to offer, from breathing clean air, taking a dip in our natural pool or enjoying an ecological and natural gastronomy.

For the more active we have a series of activities such as balloon rides, forest baths, cycling routes, walking or pleasant donkey rides among others.

Now you just need to cheer up and enjoy a few days of rest. We remind you that the demand for reservations at the hotel Can Buch is very high so we recommend you to make your reservation well in advance.


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