When one thinks of making a getaway to La Garrotxa one of the first things that comes to mind is that of how well I'm going to eat! And it is the truth, the volcanic cuisine of La Garrotxa is a well prepared cuisine with quality local products of the place.

In La Garrotxa we will find a multitude of restaurants with a common link between them all, a cuisine prepared with a very own stamp and a very powerful traditional cuisine base that has been maintained over the years.

We can find a multitude of dishes and products, here are some of them:

- The "fessols" of Santa Pau, small beans and elaborated with little cooking time. It is ideal to accompany meats or as a first course sautéed with bacon.

- The native meats of La Garrotxa, are presented either prepared with tasty sauces or simply grilled, being able to enjoy the juiciness of this raw material without great adornments. The sausages, entrecots or cheeks will make us touch the gastronomic heaven.

- The great variety of sausages, ranging from bull to secallona, through selected and varied cheeses. The sausages are handmade by small local producers fleeing from large manufacturers.

- The potatoes of Olot, a delicious typical dish of the lands of Girona, made with meat. These tasty potatoes will not leave us far from indifferent, you just have to accompany them with a good wine and enjoy the delicacy.

- For dessert we recommend the recuit, made with pasteurized goat's milk and is usually accompanied with honey and is ideal to eat with nuts.

Well, we are sure that we have already made you wake up the hunger. Without a doubt we recommend you to come to La Garrotxa to enjoy a very sincere gastronomy, elaborated with love and with fresh products of the area.