Ecological cuisine in La Garrotxa


In Can Buch we have a very marked personality and from our beginnings we have believed and bet simply for the natural, fleeing from everything that is artificial and that is why today we are going to talk about our organic restaurant in La Garrotxa.

Can Buch's restaurant is born from the philosophy of the house, that is to say, to use the food of our field, without any manipulation and respecting at all times the seasonal food.

Our signature menu offers creative dishes with their own identity that will allow the customer to quickly recognize the quality of the food and always respecting our way of thinking and doing.

For example, our bread is made by ourselves using organic whole wheat flour and sourdough. The beer is also brewed by ourselves using artisan hops and following a totally handmade procedure.

On the other hand, all the jams, sauces and infusions are also made by us.

We are aware that every day there are more and more food intolerances so we have vegan options as well as food suitable for celiacs.

Now we are going to talk about breakfast with our eco gourmet buffet with a wide variety of products. As we have mentioned, in addition to our natural breads we offer excellent local sausages, pasture cheeses, homemade cow and coconut yogurts for vegans, natural juices, cereals, varieties of fruit from our fields and farmers with whom we collaborate as well as a homemade pastry among other products. 

It is a breakfast to start the day in an active way and all from a natural point of view that will make us feel a pleasant sensation to take care of our body.

Regarding lunch and dinner, we continue with the line of offering what is natural, without deviating one iota of our philosophy. Lunch can be enjoyed either by the pool, in the chill out area or in the dining room and costs 14 euros including two courses, drinks and dessert.

On the other hand, our succulent signature dinner with a closed menu of 24 euros with a vegan and an omnivorous option. We also have a combo plate menu for children under 14 years, which will delight the little ones.

As you can see, tasting the cuisine at Can Buch is to enjoy a unique experience in an ecological and natural way.