The Restaurant of Can Buch was born with the philosophy of sharing the country life and its fundamental premise is to be able to share the love of nature, the vegetables and products that during the year we grow and preserve for you.

We believe in seasonal products, in what the earth gives us in every moment, because it is aware of what our body needs in every period.
We produce most of them in our ecological and permaculture garden. Those that are not of our production are provided by local farmers with whom we have a friendly relationship.

Our Chef, Federico, transmits all these values and sensibility to his dishes through a healthy, creative and identity-driven menu.
A cuisine with a lot of love, transparency and where the main protagonist is the quality and 100% ecological product.

We have created a menu that conveys our way of life: a menu with artisan, ecological and local products.

There is always a vegan option and an omnivorous one. On the one hand, we preserve the vision and culture of the local farmer and on the other hand, we want to further explore the plant-based cuisine, sustainable and responsible for the environment and the planet.

The bread is made by us with whole grain, eco-friendly flours and 100% sourdough.

We also brew our own beer using artisanal hops and a manual process.

We also make our own jams, preserves, herbal teas and whatnot.

— We always have vegan options, suitable for celiac and intolerant —



Breakfast. Nourish your soul with love to start a new day with energy.

We offer a very complete "Eco Gourmet" buffet with a variety of natural products to start the day with energy.

Bread made by us with wholemeal flours and sourdough, jams from the farmhouse, honey from our bees, cold cuts Km 0, pasture cheeses, artisan cowmilk and coconut yoghurt (vegan), milk and various juices, cereals, avocados, seasonal fruit from our fields and farmers in the vicinity, homemade cakes and much more.

Timetable: from 9h to 10h



Lunch. Feeding the body to continue the day.

We offer a menu with many options in basket format to be eaten at the pool, the chill-out, in the dining room of the hotel or to be taken in the woods at the price of 14€ per person with two dishes, one drink and dessert included.

To be requested before 11h.

Timetable: from 13h to 15h



Dinner. A sensory journey through Catalonia.

We offer a signature menu by our Chef composed of a fixed meal of two options (vegan and omnivorous) at 26€, bread and water included.

As for children under the age of fourteen we have a mixed plate menu that best suits their needs, at 14€ with bread and water included.

Hours: from 20:30h to 22h