El Castanyer (Suite Superior)

Double or triple

The "Castanyer" (chestnut) is named after one of the most present trees in our territory. Near the rooms we have an adult specimen with more than 50 years of life.

It gives us a very energetic fruit that is also linked to a deeply rooted festival such as the chestnut.

The room has a beautiful private entrance from a south-facing walkway that receives afternoon sun in winter. Located on the south side of the farmhouse, it has a height of about 10 meters more than the main farmhouse which makes the views over the landscape impressive, it can be accessed by a footbridge from the bridge of the dining room.

Inside, we find a spacious room with an armchair for reading, a desk for work, a sofa bed, a wardrobe, a bench and an extra-large double bed with 100% cotton sheets.

Separated by a modern partition of solid wood and glass, there is a very spacious private bathroom equipped with a bathtub, a shower, organic and vegan cosmetic products from the Naturals brand, a hairdryer and 100% cotton towels. The bathroom window overlooks the imposing cliffs of La Garrotxa.

The window on the south side lets in the first rays of the sun. The room has an impressive private garden terrace with climbing frames and equipped with a table and two chairs to be able to work, read or smoke and next to it with a deckchair to be able to rest. The views from the terrace over the massif of Rocacorba, the pool and the Llémena valley are the best in the hotel.

The walls are made of mud and earth; the ceiling, of solid Montseny wood; the floors, with cobbles from La Bisbal; and painting, with natural lime.

Noble materials such as clay, solid wood and ceramics give it peace and tranquility and soft colors such as whites, browns and creams, warmth. Finally, the technology of the enclosures, insulation and heating give it the comfort of the 21st century.

The room has air conditioning and heating.

Room services
Free Wi-fi
Armchair for reading
Central heating
Closet with hangers
Mountain view
Ground floor access
Freshly filtered water
Warm light
Fire alarm
100 % cotton sheets
High end recycled latex mattresses
Private entrance
Private balcony
Room materials
Natural ceramic ceiling
Clay, wood and stone walls
Handcrafted ceramic floors
Natural lime paints
Curtains of 100 % cotton
Solid wood furniture from Montseny
Private bathroom
Hair dryer
100 % cotton towels
Hot water
Cosmetic products Naturals
Ecological shower gel and shampoo

The rooms

Twelve rooms designed for comfort, rest and connection to the natural world.
The “Auró Blanc” (field maple) is the first tree you see on your way out the door. It has a beautiful foliage that produces a pleasant shade in summer.
The “Els Bens” (the sheep) room is located where Can Buch's family once kept their cattle.
The “Avellaner” (hazel), a tree that is widely cultivated in the fields of our region, gives its name to this room.
We have named this room “La Ginesta” (the Spanish broom) because when you walk out of the door you see a field full of these plants.
The “Blauet” (kingfisher) room owes its name to the presence near the country house of many of these birds.
The “Mallerenga” (great tit) is named after one of the most common birds in our garden and area.
This room is called “L’Alzina” (the holm oak) because there is a beautiful window on the north side overlooking our holm oak forest.
The "Castanyer" (chestnut) is named after one of the most present trees in our territory.