Fageda d`en Jordà


We really wanted to make a post exclusively about a visit to the Fageda d`en Jordà to go into a little more detail in this fantastic and charming beech forest sitting on a lava flow of the Croscat volcano.

Of course you can visit the Fageda at any time of the year, but it is true that in autumn the forest acquires a special charm since a series of colors are mixed that make the place a chromatic festival.

We have not told you that the park is located in the charming village of Santa Pau and it is highly recommended to visit it on foot or by bicycle taking advantage of the different trails that we will find.

In this line we recommend you to follow the circular itinerary of 10 kilometers, starting and finishing at the same point. In addition, along the way we can connect with other interesting routes.

Special mention for the Santa Margarida Volcano and the Croscat Volcano. The first is currently covered by oak and deciduous forests, but in the crater area we will find meadows.

The Croscat volcano has the widest cone of the peninsula and a horseshoe shape. From part of the itinerary you can see the volcano inside. The extractions of clay at the time opened the crack that can be seen today, 100 meters high and 500 meters long.

If we want to make the visit in a different way you have the option of hiring a horse-drawn carriage in the parking lot of Can Serra. It is an activity that we recommend for those who have reduced mobility.

For your reference, Can Buch is located about 40 kilometers from the town of Santa Pau. And if you decide to make the excursion we recommend that you stop at one of the many restaurants in the area to taste our local cuisine. Of course, make a reservation to avoid last minute surprises.