Catalonia and in particular La Garrotxa offers us every summer a multitude of popular festivals of great tradition and that is why we are going to list some of them so that you can plan your getaways according to them. And on the other hand we are going to deepen in one of them that is the festival "Remença" in the Vall de Llémena.

In one article it is impossible to talk about each of these traditional festivals, so it would not be fair to leave any of them or not to be able to deepen so we are going to leave you this link where you can find much more detailed information: 



As we have said we are going to enter a little bit in our little party, the "Remença" Festival of the Vall de Llémena that is celebrated every year in one of the 4 municipalities that form the commonwealth of the Vall de Llémena, these municipalities are Sant Aniol de Finestres, Sant Gregori, Canet d`Adri and Sant Martí de Llémena.

It is a festival of a playful nature, with activities for adults and for the little ones of the house where, on the other hand, the local restaurants usually offer samples of their local cuisine.

This festivity has its origins in medieval times, remembering the victory that represented the freedom of the Catalan peasants, tied until then to the tyranny of the feudal lords, giving beginning to the final stage of feudalism.

The different activities that are carried out have their links with this feudal stage, so we can find musical activities of medieval origin, theatrical performances, tales of princes and princesses or talks related to the theme.

For an economic price we can also enjoy a dinner based on grilled meats, enlivened with music or theatrical performances.

It is a small local festival that allows us to remember historical episodes of our people, organized with great passion, without great airs of grandeur and looking for the essence of our traditions.