La Garrotxa is one of the most charming areas of our geography so there are many couples, families or friends who decide to spend a few days in this region and enjoy all the activities that can be done in it.

We are going to detail some of them, but keep in mind that there are many corners of La Garrotxa to visit, so we recommend you to get lost without a specific destination and discover all its charms.

Within its territory we can find villages of great interest, they are usually small and each of them has its own personality, some of them are Castellfollit de la Roca, Besalú, Santa Pau, Sant Joan les Fonts, Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Joanetes, Hostalets d`en Bas, Beget and others that, although not mentioned in this list are very worthy of being visited.

As for the activities in La Garrotxa we highlight a walk through the Fageda d`en Jordà; you can say that it is the typical activity, but it is indescribable the feeling you get when you go into this beech forest.

La Garrotxa as volcanic land that is, offers a wide range of activities to do around their volcanoes. Here we leave you the most representative: Santa Margarita volcano, El Croscat or Montsacopa volcano. Anyway, to give you an idea of its dimension we can find up to 40 volcanic cones.

Although it does not belong to La Garrotxa but due to its proximity we recommend a trip to the lake of Banyoles and visualize its natural beauty, it is also the largest in Catalonia.

La Garrotxa is an ideal area for activities such as hiking, cycling, or balloon rides among many others so before you go it is advisable to see the countless things to do.

And of course, although it is not an activity itself, it is worth discovering the local cuisine of the place with typical Catalan restaurants with a variety of delicious dishes.

Do not hesitate, when you make your reservation at Can Buch, we will recommend activities to do so that you spend unforgettable days.