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In this first article of our blog we are going to talk about Can Buch and the eco tourism in La Garrotxa. Our way of seeing life is very different from most people and our greatest satisfaction is to share our way of being and living with all those who want to visit us.

We offer our customers a sustainable space in an incredible natural environment and a total predisposition to make our customers feel at home.

Can Buch is a rural house near Girona with 6 pleasant rooms decorated according to the natural environment as well as a Hamman spa ideal for relaxing and disconnecting from our stressful pace of life we lead. In future articles we will go into more detail about the different facilities of the house and activities to do and practice eco tourism in La Garrotxa.

We also have a restaurant that prepares delicious dishes with seasonal products mostly grown in our organic garden of Can Buch. In this way our signature menu is based on criteria of health, creativity and authenticity. In short, a type of sustainable and environmentally friendly cuisine that has very authentic products such as beer, jams or sautéed vegetables among others made at home.

Come and meet us and also enjoy our natural swimming pool, the vegetable garden with its diversity of vegetables, a chill out area ideal for a beer of the house, a mini tennis court and table tennis without forgetting our beloved animals, which always roam around the outside of the house and bring us even closer to this natural environment.

Here you have a glimpse of who we are and what we can offer you. In the different online reputation portals that are on the market you can see the high degree of satisfaction of our customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification you may need.


The city of Girona is a reference at tourist level for its attractions from a cultural and gastronomic point of view and in general for its charms as a city. But it is necessary to take into account that around the city of Girona there are many places with a lot of charm

In this way Can Buch is an ideal place to make a getaway near Girona, since we are just 17 kilometers from the city and is an ideal place to make numerous excursions both by car to explore the charms of the area, and on foot and enjoy the surroundings of the hotel.

We must say that our clients, once they arrive at Can Buch hotel, usually stay at the hotel during their stay, since they find the ideal environment and atmosphere to rest and enjoy a few days of its facilities and gastronomy with its own high quality products.

Can Buch is not a conventional hotel nor does it pretend to be, it is simply as it is, going back to the origins and avoiding everything that is artificial, so that we understand each other, eating a salad in our restaurant is simply that, eating a salad from our garden with all its flavor and properties. 

That is why when you leave your routine and decide to spend a few days with us, you return to nature and learn to value everything that nature has to offer, from breathing clean air, taking a dip in our natural pool or enjoying an ecological and natural gastronomy.

For the more active we have a series of activities such as balloon rides, forest baths, cycling routes, walking or pleasant donkey rides among others.

Now you just need to cheer up and enjoy a few days of rest. We remind you that the demand for reservations at the hotel Can Buch is very high so we recommend you to make your reservation well in advance.


Implementation of local development strategies

PROJECT: " Creation of Rural Tourism Farmhouse of Can Buch"

Implementation of the Rural Development Program of Catalonia 2014-2020 Co-funded by

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