We cannot look the other way! Today we live in an unprecedented climate crisis and we have to adapt to new ways of life and remedy this problem that affects us all.

In Can Buch since its foundation, we have been very aware of these changes in our lives and we wanted to raise and adapt our business to this new way of living: more ecological and careful with our environment.

We believe that we can make our way of practicing tourism compatible with the climatic reality that we live in today by making available to our customers the possibility of practicing tourism in a responsible way.

We have mentioned it before in other articles, but we believe that we should emphasize it because of its importance.

In the philosophy section of our website you will find details of the fundamental aspects on which our way of doing things from a sustainable point of view is based:

- Energy sovereignty: we can say that Can Buch is totally self-sufficient and we say this with great pride and satisfaction. Thanks to the 36 solar panels we have, we generate 100% of the energy we need. 

On the other hand, the water comes from the rain that through a natural filtering system with sand and gravel is accumulated in a subway tank for later consumption.

To heat the water we use firewood from the forest that we collect ourselves, all under a forestry plan to manage the resources that nature gives us. And finally the efficiency in the management of wastewater that is conducted through drains and treated in a treatment plant that filters it in a natural way.

- Food sovereignty: under the premise of reduce, recycle and reuse we seek at all times self-sufficiency through good practices to carry out a sustainable agricultural production. Concepts such as recycling, waste management optimization or composting are fundamental to carry out this food self-sufficiency.

We invite you to enter the section and see more in depth everything we do to make our life compatible with the times we live in.

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