Enjoy La Garrotxa


After a few dark years for all due to the pandemic, we are happy to shout with a loud voice that summer is here so we want to give you ideas to prepare your visit to La Garrotxa.

First of all we can say that we can do many activities, but one above all is to enjoy the wonderful natural landscapes that La Garrotxa offers us, its forests, volcanoes or small villages, we will enjoy nature and get rid of all the bad things that usually accompanies us.

There is no better perspective to visualize the beauty of La Garrotxa, to see it from the air so there is the possibility of a balloon ride to see from the air the different volcanoes in the area.

Another activity that we must do, is a route through the Fageda d`en Jordà, and go into the forest. There is the possibility of making a visit of about two hours with a guide and thus know in detail all its essence. 

On the other hand, along the transverse mountain range we find the peak of Puigsacalm where we can enjoy a sunset overlooking Montserrat and Pedraforca. This activity along with others such as trekking through the corners of the Vall d`en Bas can also be hired with a guide.

From a more cultural point of view, in the Vall de Bianya, we can visit small chapels and Romanesque churches. Combining this type of activity with an outdoor picnic with local products of the area will make us spend an unforgettable day.

The clear skies of La Garrotxa will allow us to enjoy activities related to astronomy. From the Hermitage of Sant Andreu de Guitarriu we will see how an astronomical field is organized and we will see and study the constellations with high-end telescopes.

In Can Buch we are experts in the area so we can advise you on different activities to do in La Garrotxa during your stay.